Basics of storytelling

Content creation is 75% of the job for social media marketers, and it is so much more than just taking a pretty photo for Instagram. It is about creating relevant content that tells a story & asks your audience to take action.

Now that you know more about your goals, you can plan for each piece of content to have one specific goal (selling a product, inviting your attendance to attend an event, getting the community to answer a question, or simply creating more brand awareness). This doesn’t mean your social media account is one large billboard, but rather a conversation with your customers that helps you to provide something of value (i.e., your product or service).

Remember: content is about quality over quantity. While quality images are essential, a caption that makes people want to take action is even more important. By spending one day a week/month to take pictures, and one day each week to write out & schedule content, you can ensure everything you share has been well thought out.